3D Mammograms: A Clearer View of Breast Cancer Screening

You know how important your annual mammogram is to your health. Now, Larchmont Medical Imaging has made it even better, with a new, state-of-the-art tool for the fight against breast cancer: three-dimensional (3D) mammography, also called breast tomosynthesis. Available at all Larchmont locations, a 3D mammogram helps radiologists find cancer earlier and reduces the need for call-backs for additional testing.

So what is 3D mammography and why is it important?

One easy way to understand what 3D mammography does is to think of it as “two tests in one.” The first test is a conventional mammogram—still the lifesaving gold standard in the early detection of breast cancer—that generates a set of two-dimensional images of your breasts for radiologists to examine for signs of cancer.

But a 3D mammogram adds a second set of pictures: 3D image “slices” of breast tissue at different depths. This gives our radiologists additional views that make it easier to find small cancers that may “hide” in overlapping 2D images of breast tissue. As a result, 3D mammograms provide another tool to detect breast cancer at its early, most treatable stage. While this capability can benefit all women, the additional views provided by 3D mammograms are especially beneficial to women with dense breasts.

Key Things to Know About 3D Mammograms
Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Mammography

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