A Piece of Cake

cakeAn ordinary grocery-store cake mix might be fine for an everyday dessert. But if it’s a bigger celebration, the recipe calls for top-notch ingredients and talents of an expert to create something special.
The same is true when your doctor orders a diagnostic test. Choose Larchmont Medical Imaging, the team with the all the right ingredients to give you and your doctor the expert diagnostic answers you need—and a better imaging experience

Where Exceptional Imaging Meets Extraordinary Care.

We match a commitment to technology with an equal focus on delivering a patient-centric experience – every patient… every time. We recognize the stress that can come with needing a diagnostic test. Our team, from scheduling to the front desk to technologists and radiologists, are here to answer questions, listen to your concerns, understand and take extra care to make your imaging experience as pleasant as possible. With Larchmont you’ll get the right expertise every step of the way.