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Extremity MRI

Extrem-MRI-with-personIntroducing an EXTREMELY different kind of MRI experience. EXTREMLY Open. EXTREMELY Comfortable. EXTREMELY Accurate. Check out the only EXTREMITY MRI available to patients in Southern New Jersey.


Extremity MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a precise and extremely comfortable imaging exam for the arm, leg, hand, or foot, using radio waves and a magnetic field to produce computer-generated images of the inside of an area of the body to diagnose illnesses or injuries in the muscles, bones, joints, blood vessels, or nerves in an extremity of the body.


Many patients find exams in standard MRI units to be uncomfortable and confining. Some become very anxious, while others are claustrophobic and may find the experience quite distressing. That’s why we offer the area’s only Extremity MRI unit. At Larchmont Medical Imaging, we are committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible, while also providing the high-quality medical imaging your physician needs for a definitive diagnosis.


Instead of lying on a table that moves you through a full-size MRI unit you simply sit in a comfortable chair and place your arm or leg in a much smaller opening. With a full, unobstructed view of pleasant surroundings in our exam room, there’s no claustrophobia—and you will be able to communicate easily with the Larchmont MRI technologist performing your exam. In addition, a family member or friend may join you in the exam room. Our extremity MRI unit is also much quieter than a full-size MRI.

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I've always been impressed how friendly and efficient Larchmont Imaging is!!

Everyone was so caring - only place I go and I always recommend it to others

Every visit here has been wonderful, comfortable and pleasant - staff is phenomenal. Thank you so much for the great service

Was very pleased that I called for appointment and was seen within the hour. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

I have always been treated professionally by Larchmont, but my experience last week was extraordinary! Your technicians were caring and awesome, and the doctor went above and beyond. Thank you so much!