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Wide Bore 3 TESLA (3T) MRI

Larchmont Medical Imaging is pleased to offer a GE MR750w 3 Tesla MRI scanner in our Moorestown office, creating additional options for obtaining superior-quality MRI images for diagnostic accuracy and exceptional comfort in an expanded range of patient scenarios.

american college of radiology -Magnetic-ResonanceWHAT IS 3T MRI?

The term “3T” stands for “3 Tesla.” Tesla is the name given to a measurement unit that expresses the strength of the electromagnetic energy field that MRI devices use for generating images. Standard MRI scanners operate in the range of about 1.5 Tesla. This means that Larchmont’s 3T MRI operates at approximately twice the electromagnetic energy level of a standard MRI.

BENEFITS of 3t mri

new-mriOur wide bore 3T MRI scanner combines the superb diagnostic image quality gained through a stronger electromagnetic field with the exceptional patient comfort of a wide-bore configuration—70 cm in diameter, a full 10 cm larger than standard MRI scanners. The scanner is also shorter in length than conventional MRI scanners. These factors make this scanner less confining to patients, reducing symptoms of claustrophobia. Additionally, large patients who have trouble fitting into conventional scanners can have their scans done in this machine, which can accommodate patients weighing up to 500 lbs.

The stronger magnetic field allows the machine to detect stronger signals from the patient during the imaging. This increased signal strength can be used to generate more detailed pictures or reduce the total imaging time. Often the imaging protocols are designed to generate better pictures while still saving time compared to other types of MRI scanners, giving patients the benefit of a shorter exam without sacrificing diagnostic quality.

Types of MRI Exams Performed

Our 3T MRI scanner is particularly useful for quickly generating exquisitely detailed images of the brain, bones, or joints. However, it can also offer patients a faster, more comfortable experience for a complete range of general MRI applications, including breast, abdominal, pelvic and spine exams. Compared to older scanners, 3T MRI also offers improved image quality for MR angiography (blood vessel imaging) for cardiovascular diagnosis.

For More Information

Please see our general MRI page for:

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  • Resources for further reading about MRI

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