Expanded Noninvasive Options for Cardiac Diagnosis

Larchmont Medical Imaging is pleased to provide the community with access to the latest X-ray dose limiting technology for CT scans, with two important applications for evaluating heart disease: low-dose coronary CT with calcium scoring and low dose coronary CT angiography (CTA).

These exams provide safe, noninvasive options for managing two scenarios that primary care clinicians encounter frequently: (1) patients with risk factors for coronary artery disease but no symptoms, and (2) patients experiencing chest pain of uncertain origin.

“Low dose Coronary CT with calcium scoring is indicated for patients with intermediate cardiac risk factors but no current cardiac symptoms,“ said Barry Livstone, M.D. “For patients experiencing symptoms, low-dose coronary CT angiography provides an alternative to a nuclear stress test, which involves a higher radiation dose, or a coronary catheterization with its associated risks.”

To learn more about these screening exams visit our Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring page or the Coronary CT Angiography page.