What do seafood dinners and MRIs have in common?

Not all seafood dinners are the same—and neither are all diagnostic tests. When you’re thinking about a fine dining experience for a special occasion, fish sticks and fries are not what comes to mind. You’re looking for the right choice for the occasion, combining culinary expertise behind the scenes with a service team that makes you feel attended to and special. Why expect anything less when that “special occasion” is a healthcare issue? When your doctor orders a diagnostic test like an MRI, CT, PET-CT, ultrasound, mammogram or X-ray, take the time to make a better decision. And remember two things—one, that you have a choice when selecting an imaging center and two, Larchmont Medical Imaging. Because with Larchmont you’ll find that same perfect blend: extraordinary clinical expertise and attentive five-star service every step of the way.